Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…


So here it is… I’m a girl. I’m a girl who works a 9-6, Monday – Friday. I travel a couple/few times a year, when I can. I am not loaded with money, not even close {yet}. I’m a blogger, but not a super famous one {yet}. I hate the job that I work and find it excruciatingly hard to wake up 5 out of 7 mornings a week. I snooze my alarm for at least 45 minutes before I drag ass out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. BOOM, I just debunked the social media myth that I live this super cool amazing life. Right? Because that is pretty much what everyone on social media does. They make their lives look 10 times cooler than it actually is. Well, today; I am not going to be that person.


Today, I am going to be the person who admits that I want my life to be different. I am going to be the person who lets you into my thoughts for a minute, so stick with me. I promise to try to make this clear and cohesive.

99% of the time, I stare at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes. I don’t really know why. I am not really admiring anything, because I am not Beyonce and I don’t wake up like this…

I think it’s more of a, “What the F are you doing, Taccara?!” You were meant for so much better than this. You’re not meant to sit behind a desk, unless it’s the really cool one in your room that you blog from. You’re not meant to be typing all day, unless you’re finishing the book you started almost 1.5 years ago. You’re not supposed to be depositing thousands of dollars a week for a company that doesn’t even pay you a quarter of that deposit. You’re supposed to be doing what you love, what makes you happy.

Like, all a girl wants is to travel more than I am home. All a girl wants is to make bank and do whatever the hell she wants. All a girl wants is to not have to clock in anywhere other than her next dinner reservation, preferably at a spot that has the best tacos or pizza. But, ya know.

The craziest part is, that it can all be a reality. I just seriously have to figure out how. I’m 27 going on 28, but hey… apparently better late than never. So anyways, getting back to ogling myself in the mirror. One morning, two weeks ago, I thought to myself… Until I figure out what I am going to do to break free from slavery, I have to find something that wakes me up; that motivates me. Then I thought about how happy I get when I walk into a dressing room with cool sayings written on the mirrors. Like, “Hey there gorgeous”, “You look fab”, “Show Stopper”, and Β “Cutie with the good Booty” {my favorite}.

I immediately grabbed my phone, went to my trusty Amazon app and ordered cool mirror markers. Thanks to my Prime membership, the markers arrived in two days and I created a little spark of Morning Magic for myself…

{Shared bathroom with my brother}

It might seem silly, but let me tell you, I already feel a little bit more of a pep in my step. It’s like that little boost of motivation. Feel all the feels! Reading those words aloud, make me say more words aloud. It’s been said that there are power in your words. Some of the most successful people will attest to that. I believe that words have power and can manifest in the natural realm. Sometimes, it’s just hard to muster those words. It’s something small, that can lead to something big. I believe that starting my mornings off with powerful, meaningful words, will help to change my situation. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed in lots of ways and do find joy in my life; I just want to make it better.

Here’s to everyone on their life’s journey. Here’s to being happier. Living more, living freely. Here’s to breaking the mundane, ordinary life. You have to start somewhere, no matter how small or silly it may seem. Take a look in the mirror, speak powerful words into your life, let’s all watch how our lives change.

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