***Post Whole30 FAQ***

Hey guys! Here is my highly requested Post Whole30 FAQ! I am so excited to answer a few questions that were sent in! I didn’t want this video to be uuuubbberrr long, so if there is anything you want know that I didn’t address, just email or comment and I will be sure to get back to you!

This video is going to answer great questions in depth. I am going to share my overall take away, weight loss photos, stats, etc. Again, thank you to everyone who supported me and thank you to all of you who tuned in and stuck with me this whole journey! Below, you can find the before and after photos, my stats, my trainer/meal prep chef’s info, Whole 30 books I purchased, and I will share the supplements I use!

*Before Photo*    

*After Photo*


*Meal Prep Chef and Trainer*

Jalen Holmes

Website/Contact click HERE

Instagram: JalenHolmes6_

*Supplements I Take*

  1. Beef Liver – Vital Proteins- Click HERE to purchase
  2. Ashwagandha – Hanah- Click HERE to purchase
  3. Collagen Beauty Water Powder- Vital Proteins- Click HERE to purchase

I know it might seem like a lot. However, these are only SOME of the supplements I take daily. It is so important to make sure we are fueling our bodies with the minerals and nutrients it needs to run optimally. Sadly, most of our food now, even organic/healthy food, is void of most of the important nutrients and minerals our bodies need. It’s not cheap, but I strongly recommend buying these items. Your body will totally thank you later. *Thank you, Jalen for passing the wisdom along.*

*Whole 30 Books*

Click on each book to purchase!

I truly, truly, hope that this whole process from start to finish has been helpful. Helpful to anyone who was curious, going to start, already started, etc. I hope that we will all take the steps to move towards a happier and healthier life, together! Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and beyond.


PS- Any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop me an email, comment or DM! You guys are the bestest, I swear.

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