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My name is Taccara Rae. Think of me as your blogger of all things bloggable. (Yes, I create my own words.) Your personal liaison of what everyone is thinking, but no one says. A more refined (and hotter) Donald Trump, if you will.

The Blogery has been featured in the Huffington Post and the CBS hit show, “The Doctors”. I recently started a vlog, so I would love if you all subscribed to that as well! *Everyone loves a good video*

I am a 27 year old leasing agent by day, aspiring actress/model, real estate agent in training, and now… blogger! I will legit be talking about anything at any given time. Celebs, fashion, movies, world news, politics, fitness (or the lack there of), health stuff, hair, makeup, and fooooood. Not necessarily in that order, or possibly in that order…

I LOVE hearing from you guys! If you have any topics you would like me to blog about or shoot a vid about, let me know! I totally got you covered! You can email me @ The_Blogery@yahoo.com .  Can’t wait to chat with you!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you love what you read/see.