To Sauce or Not to Sauce…

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A couple of months ago I was asked to sample Two Guys Jersey Tomato Sauce and blog about my review. I figured my fellow foodies could appreciate a good and honest review…so here it is.

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I decided to make a yummy, but simple dish. Mostly because I don’t cook…like at all. Unless, of course you consider making the world’s greatest pancakes as cooking 🙂 … My dish of choice was pasta with sauce.


Yes, that is me taking a bow. Anyways, I made the pasta with sauce and even threw in some meatballs *Stop the presses*. While Two Guys Jersey Tomato Sauce was a good base, it needed a good bit of seasoning before it was slap yo mama kind of good.


However, I did like the simple list of all natural ingredients used to make the sauce. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, imported Italian olive oil, fresh basil, sea salt, fresh oregano, and black pepper, and with no added sugars or preservatives. This sauce definitely boasts a fresh and clean taste, it just left my flavor buds wanting a bit more.

While I personally may not be running to stores to buy this particular sauce, owners and Jersey natives, Scott Stark and David Stoff  have created other sauces as well that may be worth giving it a shot and seeing what you think. This blogger will always give an honest opinion and great feedback. To see an actual shot of the food I made, please look below. *Can you tell how proud I am* For a list of stores that sell the sauces, click here.



Let’s Get Frank…

::The FRANK Effect:: 

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Being an avid FRANK user/lover, I must tell you that, that description could not be more spot on! I fell in love with this product a little over a year ago. Once again, I found it while internet trolling at some God forsaken hour. *That’s when I always seem to find the best stuff!*


Anyhow, this is a product that is all natural, which we love. It is truly a product of tough love. It is the best exfoliator I have ever used and smells JUST like a piping hot cup of coffee. Ummmm, YUM?!


Although FRANK touts being for “Babes”, it is also a product that men can use and will love. Guys, there is nothing sexier than a man with great, smooth skin!


As mentioned, I have been using FRANK over a year and have experienced fabulous results! It has buffed away acne marks on my face and back, cleared away a horrible rash I had due to lotion that caused an allergic reaction, and lightened dark spots on my skin!


Recently, FRANK came out with a whole line of products. One of which is a lip exfoliator, that of course, I purchased. It’s probably one of the best things to happen to my lips, lets put it that way. It has especially been a God send for the cold winter months. Keeping my lips supple and kissable 🙂

Photo Jan 28, 11 55 10 AM

It even came with the super cute shower cap! How adorable is that?!

Lastly, this product keeps your skin super moisturized! I would say I use FRANK about two to three times a week, but it keeps me soft and smooth even on days that I do not scrub!


So, have you been convinced?! I say you head over to FRANK’S official site and get you some smooth! Click here to be redirected. I can’t wait to hear all about how you guys love the product! Don’t forget to comment below or simply email me: I always love to hear from ya 🙂

PS: I am currently dealing with a super horrible allergic reaction to a new deodorant I started using. Of course, I have started scrubbing with FRANK. I am going to post a follow up post as soon as it clears up, so that you can see for yourself!




Tight and Tense!? Time to Unwind…

Ahhhh, no better feeling than getting off of a massage table and feeling like a different person. You feel renewed, refresh and rejuvenated. The krick in your neck, gone! The knots in your shoulders, poof…vanished! Your lower back woes are no more! Well, that was how I felt after my amazing day at Agora Spa in Stamford, CT. I had such a great experience that I wanted to share it with all of you! Follow me as I lead you through my goddess like experience…



The Agora Spa is located on the second floor the Marriott Hotel. When you first get off the elevator, you are immediately hit with the soothing aroma of lavender and other amazing essential oils…



You are then greeted by a lovely Agora staff member who will escort you to the changing room. *This is the cool room where you can store your goods, strip down to your birthday suit, change into a comfy robe, slip on some rubber-ducky-croc-like slippers, and prepare for your massage* and if you’re like me, take a quick selfie 😉



Next, you will go to the waiting room. This is where you will wait for your masseuse. In the meantime, you get to lay back on comfy couches and chairs, sip on cucumber and mint water, and snack on fruit and/or granola bars *yum*. Let the goddess treatment begin please…



Bob (my masseuse for the day) kindly escorted me to my chambers *massage room* 😉



The temperature was just perfect! Not too hot and not too cold, literally just right. As I snuggled my face into the little face-hole, I felt the massage table begin to warm and I started to melt. Next a heated bowl of lavender and other wonderful essential oils was placed on the floor underneath my face. I was instructed to take deep breathes in and as the aroma wafted up to my nose, I started to feel even more relaxed…



Then came the time for Bob to get to work. I was scheduled for the deep tissue massage and Bob was playing no games today. He got to work on my tight and tired muscles…



Ok, Ok…so it wasn’t as dramatic as that, BUT at times it did come close. I must say, Bob did ask through out the massage if I was comfortable and if the pressure was too much. Through gritting teeth, I said it was fine and to continue as is. Once he worked out the kinks though, he worked at a more comfortable pressure. He began to focus more on stretching and light massaging. Waking up from that table at the end of my 60 minutes was just about the hardest thing ever, literally…because I had fallen asleep. Good ol’ Bob had to shake me a little to get me awake…



Once I finally got myself off of the table, I went into the steam room. I stayed in there for about 10 minutes and then made my way back to the changing room. I was now a different Taccara… I felt like a happy, sparkling, bubbling unicorn. I know, makes absolutely no sense right?! But that was how I felt, I had no cares in the world..

g3103*this was me,post massage*

Needless to say, my overall experience with Agora was great. You pay for the amazing ambiance, the service and the incredible hands that are sent down from Heaven’s pearly gates…



Here’s the coolest part… any one who mentions: THE BLOGERY will receive 15% off of their service, every time you book! How awesome is that?! Told you The Blogery has you covered! For more information on services offered by Agora Spa, please click here.


So, once again I thank you, Agora! You have made my body feel truly yummy and I know you will do the same for my lovely subscribers! I would LOVE to hear all about your experience once you go! Don’t forget to come back and leave a comment or send in your reviews to:




My Fro-yo is Better Than Yours…

They say the ripest peach is the highest on the tree, luckily mine happens to be right down the street. I’m referring to the latest spot to hit the fro-yo market, PeachWave Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt. I know, I know…you’re probably thinking all these places are the same. Honestly, it’s the same thought I had before making a visit on a scorching hot Tuesday afternoon. So lets explore all things Peachy and find out what makes it so diff from your typical self serve yogurt spots…

1. Super Friendly Staff



So I think we can all agree that there is something awesome about walking into a place and being greeted by friendly smiles and “hello’s” upon entering any type of establishment. You have now made the human happy, now time for these taste buds.

2. Super Cool/Chill Vibes Type of Atmosphere



Told ya! Cool lights that change right before your eyes *ohhhh-ahhhh*, cool music, and bean bag chairs!!!!



3. Open Mic Night!


How cool is this?! What fro-yo place do you know of that hosts open mic night for performers! Grab a fro-yo or smoothie, pull up a seat or bean bag and listen to some awesome live music! Doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

4. Actual lounge/seating areas…





While this may seem like, “Ok?!…Chairs..Hooray?!”…It actually is really cool and pretty different. If you have ever visited any self serve frozen yogurt places before, most of them give off the vibe of literally help yourself and get the hell out. The other set ups I’ve seen before, would be what I call, the “two-seater.” Where the store will literally have like a bench that can only fit but 2-4 people. Where you and all of the other hot and sticky customers can sit (or stick) next to each other while they eat their ice cream, before heading back out into the hot and humid summer weather. PeachWave offers a wonderfully AIR-CONDITIONED space, with tons of (fashionable and modern) chairs, couches and bean bag chairs. You can host parties, hold a meeting, or stop by for date day/night. Now for the sweet stuff…

5. Fro-yo + Food truck = Answer to your prayers…

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.36.26 PM

Ummmm, yeah! You can host my event! PeachWave will come to you and host your events too. Birthdays, Work related events, Private parties, etc. This truck will deliver fro-yo and foodie goodness.

6. Amazing Hours of Operation…


PeachWave is open Sunday- Thursday 12pm-9pm and Friday-Saturday 12pm-10pm. Which is awesome for your average person who can’t make it right after work. You can go to dinner and a movie and still grab a fro-yo!




BIG PLUS, PeachWave is open year round! For you fearless sweet tooth’ers like myself, you can enjoy this frozen treat even during the cooler months! More places need to catch onto this idea. 😉

8. Offers 80+ flavors and a ton of fresh toppings!




As if all of that wasn’t cool enough for ya, PeachWave offers their customers 80+ flavors to choose from and 3 huge sections of toppings! *Taste bud gods rejoice*. Their flavors are amazing and I promise that even the pickiest of eaters will find at LEAST one flavor that they will fall in love with. I found the frozen yogurt at PeachWave to be perfectly chilled (nothing worse than my frozen goods melting before it even hits my serving cup.) It was rich in flavor without being too sweet and also very creamy *yum*. I also felt that the flavors tasted like the flavors I chose. Meaning, some fro-yo places I’ve been to before made me have to do a double-take at the flavor sign because the stuff I was eating did not taste like the flavor advertised. I tasted and tasted at PeachWave Tuesday and my personal fav was Oreos and Cream mixed in with Salted Caramel- topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries, rainbow sprinkles, and cake bites! (I know I just made you jealous!)


No need to be jealous though, The Blogery and the good peoples over at PeachWave also want you to be happy and get in on the goodness! For a limited time PeachWave is offering the next 10 PeachWavers a FREE, yes FREE, frozen yogurt with all the fixin’s! Please visit one of the 8 participating PeachWave locations and mention: THE BLOGERY, to get in on this special deal. I can guarantee your mouth and tummy will thank me!

Be sure to snap a selfie with you and your frozen treat and submit it to or on Insta- hashtag #TheBlogery for your chance to be featured on the blog!

Frozen Yogurt = Happy…go get you some Happy!

PARTICIPATING PEACHWAVE LOCATIONS: New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, Rye, Armonk, Mt. Kisco, Hartsdale, and Mohegan Lake.


Follow PeachWave for exciting info and specials:

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Rave Reviews for All My Lash-less Beauties…

For all of my lovely ladies who missed the lash line when God created you… this review is for you! If you’re anything like me, you have thin..sparse..barely there lashes *hooorahhh* -_-

I personally hate leaving the house without slapping on some sort of mascara. It’s pretty much the only thing that lets you know my eyes are open and I’m not sleep walking. It’s not an easy feat to find a mascara that will lengthen your lashes and make them appear thicker at the same time. Matter of fact, I find that most mascaras that are supposed to add thickness, clump your lashes. Other mascaras that are supposed to lengthen, just make you look like you have spider legs instead of eye lashes. *who the hell wants to look like a creepy crawler?!*

Alas… Covergirl has released a mascara that seems to have been sent down from Lash Heaven. It both lengthens and thickens my lashes, without plastering 10 coats of mascara. Watch my review below to see it in action!


Here is a close up before and after as well, the before has no mascara on the left eye and mascara on the right eye. I’m sure it’s super obvious, but just to be clear…



As I’m sure you can see “The Super-Sizer” by CoverGirl LashBlast is a clear winner! Definitely two thumbs up from The Blogery. This can be purchased from CVS or any other drugstore. To my fellow ladies who know the struggle, you’re welcome 😉