12 Most Annoying Things Us Mixed People Deal With…

Soooo, I’m mixed right. I am Black, White, Portuguese, Jewish to name a few. There are so many wonderful things that come with being mixed! However, there are certain things us mixed people can’t stand…like drive us up a wall, pull our hair out, are you seriously asking us that type of can’t stand. Here is a funny, but oh so serious look into a day in our lives..

1. What are you?


When asked by the first 5 people of the day, mayyyybe not so annoying. By the 6’th, 10’th, 15’th person …. I should just walk around with a sign on my head that says “unicorn.”

2. You act White, I wouldn’t even think you’re black…


Hmmmm, Thanks?

3. Is it ok if I call you T? You’re extremely “unique” name is too difficult for me…


Taccara, pronounced (TA-CAR-A) … REALLY?!?!?!

4. Can I touch you hair?


No. But ESPECIALLY no, because 99% of the time that this question is asked, a hand is already being reached scalp-ward.

5. Where are you from, like actually from?


I know I look like an alien, but believe it or not… I’m from here. Yes, here…as in America  -_-

6. Tests or Job applications that force you to fill out only one race…


Whatever, I’ll just check all the boxes that apply and you can’t stop me !!!

7. Do you feel like you have a hard time fitting in?



I know, I spend hours every day deciding if I’m  going to grab a Starbucks or join the Twerk Team -_-

8. Being told that you look like a million other different mixed people…


I look like her?!..You mean that mixed chick?…Oh yeah I see it now…  I couldn’t tell under all that looks-nothing-like-me-ness.

9. So like, what are you more like? More white or black?


Self explanatory 🙂

10. Why don’t you speak other languages then?



11. You’re so pretty because you’re mixed


You’re right, I mean imagine how ugly I would be if I was just one race.

12. You’re Spanish right, do you speak Spanish?




So you see guys? We’re not these weird little creatures. These little dolls that you touch and prod out of awe and curiosity. While being mixed is awesome, for so many reasons, we don’t want to be treated like a different species. We are but simple humans too 😉








Loved Last Night’s Look?! ….

Hello Lovelies…

I got a TONNN of compliments while out last night and via comments on social media about my outfit last night *oh stop, you’re far too kind*

The best part about my #ootn (for those who aren’t hip with the lingo, this means – outfit of the night)… is that it was super chic and cute but most importantly, COMFY! I think we can all agree that we want to look great and feel great wearing it!

If you loved last night’s look and just gotta have it – Find the store and price of these great fashion finds below!


::Slouchy Scoop Neck Tank:: H&M | $19.99

:: Boyfriend Jean:: H&M | 34.99

::Beyond Amazing Combat Boots:: H&M | 39.99 (They’re just called combat boots, I threw in the amazing)

::Super Cute Cross Body Purse:: TJ MAXX | $19.99 (Brand unknown, also made up the name)

OOTN Grand Total: $114.96

So there you have it! Not only have I now revealed that I have an addiction to all things H&M, but I’ve also taught you that you can look good for less!

Happy Shopping!


Your Resume…Hate it, but Need It

If you’re like most people out there, you’re probably one of two things. Unemployed and looking for a job, or employed, but looking to get another, better job. Well, The Blogery is here to make things a littleeeee bit smoother for you.

Everyone knows the application process is a total b**tch. It takes hours and hours to fill out what seems to be the world’s dumbest questionnaire. “Why do you want to work at CVS…Answer: Because I love stocking tampons in aisle 7”  *Insert majorly sarcastic emoji face* Don’t you wish you could really say, “It’s because I need a damn job and even though I have a degree and years of sweat, blood, tears and student loan debt to last me a century…this is the only place that called me back.” Yeah, don’t we all…


There is almost no truer statement than “looking for a full-time job IS a full-time job.” It truly is just that, something that consumes hours of your day. It’s a long and tedious process that seems like it never brings any real results. After personally speaking with a close friend of mine, who happens to be the HR Director of a major company, she informed me that the resume is a crucial part of the hiring process. Not that, that comes as a surprise to most, but she stressed the importance of the format, information given/not given, wording, etc. Once I tweaked my own resume to the format she provided me with, I was getting call backs on the weekly basis!

I could go on all day about the specifics of what exactly your resume should look like, but then, well… we would be here all day. If you do want to see my personal resume for help, email me @ The_Blogery@yahoo.com 😉

For now though, I will give you 4 tips on things NOT to put on your darling little resume…

::Don’t #1::

Stale Buzzwords

Recruiters hate the overuse of stale buzzwords, especially “proactive,” “team player,” and “self-motivated.” Seasoned interviewers understand how to find out whether you are proactive, self-motivated, or a team player by asking the right situational questions during an interview. The buzzwords that you use in your resume should directly correspond to your professional vocation. For an accountant, the buzzword can be “accurate.” Restaurant managers should consider using the buzzword “multitasking.”

::Don’t #2::

Weird Fonts & Ugly Colors

You want your resume to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons. Weird fonts turn off recruiters, unless you seek employment with a graphic design team. Since most resumes undergo some type of computerized scanning, you must avoid the crazy looking fonts and stick with standard fonts that include Arial, Cambria, and Times New Roman. Stay away from using any color other than black for the typeface. Your email address or website domain may turn blue as a link, but other information should remain black. Never bold the entire resume, just the headings that define each resume section.


::Don’t #3::


If you apply for an accountant position, the recruiter in charge of scheduling interviews cares nothing at all that you enjoy water skiing, movie going or long walks on the beach. In fact, you can expect recruiters to stop reading your resume, when they come to the “Hobbies” section. The discussion of your hobbies might happen during one of the interviews, most likely the final interview that you receive a job offer. Recruiters only want to know about your professional interests and even that information should remain in the domain of an interview.


::Don’t #4::

Taking a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Way too many job applicants add jobs that go back more that 15 years or even further back to an era that was devoid of the Internet. If you have worked at your current job for more than 10 years, that is the only job you need to include on your resume. Your experience at the one employer provides plenty of material for the “accomplishments” section of your resume. In addition, presenting multiple past jobs that span only a few years indicates to recruiters that you have a bad job history.

The most effective resumes include name, primary phone number, and one email address at the top of the page. Then, a one-sentence career objective follows that succinctly describes your professional goals. After the concise career objective, add your job history and professional accomplishments. There is no need to include at the bottom of your resume “References upon request.” If a recruiter wants reference, he or she will ask you for three or more personal and professional references.



There you have it my friends. Four simple things to tweak on your resume! I’m sure we all have the above mistakes on our resumes (I sure did.) Now that you have the knowledge bestowed upon you, go make those corrections and get yourself a job! 😉


Happy Job Hunting!!!



Feature of the Week…

This week The Blogery is proud to present to you  ::Chris Sainato:: Let’s give a big round of applause for this amazing artist!


Chris Sainato was born and raised in Albany, NY. He earned a BA in Studio Art from Union College in Schenectady, NY. While there, Chris began his classical training as an artist. Studying under Walter Hatke, Sandra Wimer and Fernando Orellana, Chris developed and refined his talents.

Chris’ professional career in graphic design started at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. As an intern, Chris created graphics for both print and web. His work there included house programs, promotional banners, posters, social media graphics, email graphics, event photography and more.

In the Spring of 2014, Chris held his first solo fine art exhibition in The Burns Art Atrium Gallery at Union College. The show, entitled Trademarc, created a narrative between corporate America and the viewer’s ability to recognize logos, despite them being reduced to abstract forms. This show merged his love for graphic design as well as fine art. He currently has work in the Spa Fine Art Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY. Chris continues to fulfill commissions privately.

Now living in Stamford, CT, Chris is a custom designer for Vineyard Vines. Chris creates illustrations for custom ties, tote bags, apparel and more. Recently, the Wall Street Journal posted an article on their website featuring a design for Van Eck Global. Chris’ work for Vineyard Vines is primarily for Colleges, Country Clubs, Corporations, Weddings and much more.


*One of Chris’ Masterpieces*…unbelievably awesome right?!

As you can see, Chris is an amazingly talented and accomplished artist. I was lucky enough to have Chris do a custom piece for me…


Watch a master at work…This time elapsed vid is pretty sick!

To contact Chris before his art explodes and you can’t afford him 😉 please click here to be directed to his website .

Hope you LOVED this week’s feature! If you would like to be The Blogery’s ::Feature of the Week:: please submit  the following to The_Blogery@yahoo.com, subject line: Feature of the Week

-Website|2 photos of you/your business|Mission Statement|Any other related media/Anything you want to promote!


Burt the Introvert…

Ok, so this isn’t about Burt… I don’t even know a Burt. But this is about introverts.

I am the epitome of an introvert. I am literally convinced that no one is more of an introvert than myself… well maybe someone is more introverted, but you catch my drift. From the time I was young I was always very reserved, quiet and to myself. This may come as a surprise to some who “know me”, but I do a good job of coming off as a little more outgoing. For those of you who know me, know it does not come naturally. Trust me when I say, it is extremely hard work, like seriously… I have to dig deep to put myself out there. *cue horror music* Any of my fellow introverts can agree to this, I am sure.

Introverts get a bad rap in a world that celebrates extroversion and “people-persons”. There are things us introverts wish you knew about us that would help any relationship or situation. For instance, we are not anti-social or depressed, we’re just different. People love us, in secret. As introverts, we have many “ways” that only our closest friends understand.


Some funny, but super true facts about us Intros

::We don’t need you to care about our birthday::

Yeah, we don’t. We have friends who genuinely know us and care, if we care. However, an interesting thing about introverts, is some don’t need to celebrate it. We’re okay with quietly honoring the day on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know. *yes mom, this is exactly how I feel* My mom is the queen of letting the world know and celebrating for a month, no lie 😉

::We are not really listening as you recount your weekend::

Unless you are part of our circle of friends, we don’t care what you did last weekend. We are of the mind that everyone has a right to privacy, and if you chose to spend it in a drunken stupor or beating down the door of your ex, then that is up to you. We don’t judge, and find it takes too much energy to give it to people we don’t know. Just because we work with you, that doesn’t mean we know you.


::We hate crowds::

Large groups of people make us tired. All the stimulation of having so many different types from all walks of life can make us a little woozy. Some introverts are empaths, so they tend to take on the energy of others easily. We sometimes feel like we “know” everyone in the room and get easily overwhelmed with the swirl of activity. *my god, I just felt pain from reading this*


::We don’t really like networking events::

This is especially hard for introverts who run a business. Networking makes us feel like we have to perform. We struggle to say the right thing and listen attentively. We don’t really care since we don’t know you. Even in business, we have to feel connected to someone on another level to get the most out of a networking type of event. This takes time, and choosing the right event, and coming up with a plan to offer value to others, while getting some for ourselves. *literally just spent hours thinking about this last night with networking for TheBlogery*


Now for some things to prove we are good people …

::We know how to get stuff done::

We pack our alone time with activities–projects, phone calls, emails, rough drafts and blueprints for world takeover of our next big idea (which we have lots of). We value solitude because it lets us experiment with new concepts, plan and stretch our imagination. Anything is possible when we spend time alone, and what we create may change our lives, and yours, too. *yay, I am a life changer 😉 *

::You’re a dreamer::

As an introvert, you turn inward for energy instead of turning outward, which makes you prone to daydreaming. And often, that’s a good thing!

It’s true, of course, that too much daydreaming can be a problem (especially if the boss calls on you in a meeting). In fact, it’s easy for you to develop “introvert ADD,” which can cause trouble at work and at home. So you don’t want to spend too much of your day in la-la land.

However, daydreaming can also unleash your creativity and help you think outside the box. In fact, some of the greatest books, poems, and physics theories of all time have come from daydreaming introverts. So dream on.

::We feel safe with the right people::

When we have the right people in our lives, we give our all. We give our best selves. We become protective warriors who will fight almost any cause for someone we love. Just ask our friends. We blossom in the right company, and shine. It takes us time to find the right people, and when we do, we don’t hold back. *Taccara Rae approved*

::We can do the extrovert thing, for a while::

We have to do that to get along. We can be the life of the party, host the networking event, and be the chairperson of the charity. We do this willingly, knowing that at the end of the day we can go home. When we get there, it may take days, or weeks to replenish ourselves, and feel ready to do that again.

::You intrigue people::

It’s true! One of the most common comments that people make about introverts is that they’re enigmatic or mysterious. And that’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

Why do many introverts come across as mysterious? One reason is that they don’t say much, so people have to guess what they’re thinking. Another is that introverts tend not to show their emotions on their faces. Now, being mysterious can sometimes be a problem if you’re an innie. For example, people may think you’re being aloof or ignoring them, and you may not communicate what you need from them. (It is possible to be too enigmatic.) But other times, being quietly mysterious works to your advantage because it can make people think you’re hiding intriguing secrets when you’re really just thinking about something mundane, like whether you remembered to buy laundry detergent the last time you were at the store.

::We are not shy, rude, angry or uptight::

At first, we may seem that way. Get to know us, and we can actually make you laugh, and hold a conversation that lasts more than 15 minutes. The thing is, we don’t share this with everyone. Being “social” or “sociable” is an option, not a way of being. We can’t fake happy or excited really well, and we show what we think on our face, not as much in our words.


::We make a choice to be with you–appreciate it::

We value our alone time and are picky about who we let in. Letting in the wrong person will drain us, leaving nothing for ourselves. We tend to attract extroverts who suck our energy, and search out likeminded introverts for our groundedness, deep thinking and sense of control. We appreciate our time with other introverts and have an understanding of each other’s limits and boundaries.

So there you have it. I know, I know…we’re insanely cool people, don’t be jealous. We’re all awesome in one way or another 😉

There is a really fun personality quiz, I took it and it is so on point it’s not even funny. It will literally break you down to a T. Click here to take the quiz