Brows on fleek?…Not for this chick. Epic Brow Fail

First let me start by expressing my extreme hatred for the word FLEEK, but it helped get you in here huh 😉

Polly Smith, 19, is making national headlines after undergoing a procedure known as ” HD Brows.” This cosmetic procedure is intended to darken and thicken sparse brows, the treatment involves waxing, threading and dyeing the eyebrows to get this look. *Because everyone wants the Cara Delevingne look*


I for one, LOVE a strong and defined brow. Thisssss may be a little much…


This is poor Polly just days after the “HD Brows” procedure. She began to notice irritation, and days later, Polly was horrified to find an allergic reaction caused her face to swell and bruise so badly she could barely open her eyes.  Honestly, it’s painful to even look at her in that picture, but it gets worse. For the faint of heart, you might want to close your eyes…

enhanced-12082-1438267444-9 enhanced-12459-1438267438-2


Told ya!

A friend brought her to the hospital where doctors prescribed her a plethora of antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines to treat the infection. *Clearly plain ol’ Benedryl was not going to cut it*

Weeks later, the infection still hasn’t fully healed; in fact, doctors believe Smith may be permanently scarred.

R.I.P. to the old Polly, who I’m sure wishes she had her pin thin brows back any day…


But no, in all seriousness, I do hope Polly makes a full recovery. For now, let’s leave the HD to tv and cameras, not your face.

If you are looking for a SAFE, NON-FACE THREATENING way to make your brows ::POP:: try Kelly Baker Brows “Fab Four Kit“. It’s got the all the essentials you need to give you that bold brow look that would even make Cara green with envy 😉

Happy Blogging 🙂



Skinny Jeans… Dangerously Sexy. No, Seriously…

While skinny jeans are still a fan favorite among many women, it seems that they can actually cause your body real harm. Well, this totally gives a new meaning to beauty is pain, huh.


I don’t really know why that chick is smiling. Every girl/woman knows the struggle of looking like a circus clown to get too tight jeans on, and I’m sure you don’t look that happy…Annnnyyway..

Now, it is true *for some* that skinny jeans will give you the appearance of elongated legs, and… well, make them look skinny. However, when you find out what they can be doing to you, you might want to ditch them for the newly popular boyfriend jean. *my personal fav 😉 *

Just last month, an Australian woman spent four days in the hospital after her too-tight pants constricted the blood supply to her calf muscles and she collapsed. The staff had to cut the jeans off of her body and Dr. Thomas Kimber of the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia told the AP, “We were surprised that this patient had such severe damage to her nerves and muscles.” (Who needs nerves anyway, they’re soooo overrated)

In case you thought this was a strange one off situation, here’s another for you…

Scientists recently documented a case of a 35-year-old woman whose legs had swelled up so bad — and whose ankles had become so weak as a result — that she couldn’t walk. At the hospital, doctors had to cut off her pants to remove them from her inflated legs.

Her diagnosis?

Compartment syndrome, a condition that results from increased pressure in a confined body space, like, from wearing *TA-DA*… skinny jeans.


See, there’s a theme here. I mean honestly, could you image telling friends and co-workers that you were hospitalized for wearing your favorite pair of skinny minnies?…That you had to have emergency surgery to have denim cut off of from your limbs?! ..Yeah, didn’t think so.

So how do you know if your skinnies are TOO skinny? Well if the below looks like you taking them off, it’s safe to say it’s time to go up a size or two 😉


There you have it! Not only is it incredibly hard for most people to look at you wearing painfully tight denim that is bursting at the seam, but it’s actually not healthy for you. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just out here trying to save your life …

Quick Life Hack For My Lucky 4 Eyed Followers…

To all you people who have the x-ray vision of Superman, well first off, I hate you *just kidding* but this may not apply to you. Some of you may have missed out on the good vision gene. I myself have been wearing good ol’ bifocals since the tender age of 7-8 years old. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had your seeing device hit the floor or another rough surface over the years. There’s nothing more annoying than peering through glasses with scratches that make it even harder to see. Here’s a few quick life hacks for removing annoying little or large scratches from those lenses! You’re welcome 😉


*The hacks safe for plastic lenses are also safe for sunglasses!*

Save Your Lenses Life Hacks…

::Hack Numero Uno::

Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to quickly buff away scratches on eye glasses. Rub the lens gently, moving the cloth in small circles. Continue this motion for around ten seconds. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry.

For a very stubborn scratch, you may have to repeat the process. Continue until the scratch is completely removed. If you have an anti-scratch coating on your eye glasses, you may have to rub this off completely first. This will not damage the lens but will make it more difficult to get to the scratch.

::Hack #2::

Make a thick paste from baking soda and water. Then, apply the paste with a soft cotton or wool cloth and rub gently in a circular motion. Rinse and wipe the lens dry. Again, the process may have to be repeated for deep or stubborn scratches.

::Third Hack::

Scratches on plastic eye glasses can be fixed by using Armor Etch, a glass etching compound. The active ingredient, Hydrofluoric Acid, removes the outer coating on plastic lenses. It should never be used on glass as it can damage the lenses further. For plastic eye glasses, simply place a thick coating of the compound onto each side of the lens. Allow the glasses to sit for five minutes. Rinse and wipe dry. Do not rub the compound into the lenses. The Armor Etch will remove the outer coating and any scratches along with it.

::Fourth Hack::

Another cool product that works well for removing scratches from eye glasses is vehicle cleaning wax. Although it’s often used to polish automobiles, it can also fill in and remove scratches on glass and plastic eye glasses. Apply with a soft clean cloth and gently buff until the scratches have been removed. You may need to use several cloths as the wax adheres easily to fabric.

::5’th and Final Hack::

Windshield water repellants can also be used to remove scratches on eye glasses. They have the added bonus of repelling dirt and moisture, and preventing the glasses from fogging up during temperature changes. Simply apply with a soft cloth and polish gently for a few seconds. This treatment is best for superficial blemishes and may not be effective for deep, penetrating scratches.

Well there you have it! Hope this comes in handy the next time your lovely lenses hit the floor.

Happy Hacking!!!



Rave Reviews for All My Lash-less Beauties…

For all of my lovely ladies who missed the lash line when God created you… this review is for you! If you’re anything like me, you have thin..sparse..barely there lashes *hooorahhh* -_-

I personally hate leaving the house without slapping on some sort of mascara. It’s pretty much the only thing that lets you know my eyes are open and I’m not sleep walking. It’s not an easy feat to find a mascara that will lengthen your lashes and make them appear thicker at the same time. Matter of fact, I find that most mascaras that are supposed to add thickness, clump your lashes. Other mascaras that are supposed to lengthen, just make you look like you have spider legs instead of eye lashes. *who the hell wants to look like a creepy crawler?!*

Alas… Covergirl has released a mascara that seems to have been sent down from Lash Heaven. It both lengthens and thickens my lashes, without plastering 10 coats of mascara. Watch my review below to see it in action!


Here is a close up before and after as well, the before has no mascara on the left eye and mascara on the right eye. I’m sure it’s super obvious, but just to be clear…



As I’m sure you can see “The Super-Sizer” by CoverGirl LashBlast is a clear winner! Definitely two thumbs up from The Blogery. This can be purchased from CVS or any other drugstore. To my fellow ladies who know the struggle, you’re welcome 😉


Girl Look at that Body …

Whether you are a male or female follower of the blog, one thing is for sure. You are constantly surrounded by the images of slender, god or goddess, super toned and ripped, drenched in oil celebs and models. *As if we needed anything else to make us feel less than…*


For example, the new and improved, Khloe Kardashian (I know, didn’t even recognize her right?!). Anyone who knows me, knows that I pretty much cannot stand that entire family (with the exception of North), but figure she is one of the perfect examples to get my point across. Just look at her…all toned, slender, sleek, waxed, oiled and ready to go *I feel like I’m talking about a car for god’s sake* Many girls and women see this image and think that anything less than this, is not good enough. It makes me sick that almost every time I go onto Instagram, yet another photo of a half naked celeb/model hits the feed and girls/guys go nuts bashing themselves. “If only I could look like this”, “Bae goals”, “LIFE goals, I want to kill myself”, “OMG, why can’t I look like this”, “Seriously, we need to get like this”, “Time to starve myself”, “Impossible, never going to happen :(“, “How is she so perf?!” The nauseating list goes on and on…

Little do people forget, the reason why I’ll never know…but these people are FAMOUS. They have oodles and oodles of money and the best cosmetic surgeons on speed dial. Not to say that Koko didn’t lose some of her weight by means of her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, BUT 99.9% of what you see is thanks to the magic of cosmetic surgery and insane Photoshop. For those people who undergo the knife to be happy with their appearance, good for you. No shade to be thrown here, I just wanted to share that not everything is what it seems.

There is this crazy agenda out there in the media world that wants to keep all of us men and women feeling down in the dumps about ourselves and it’s time we fight back. Boycott the purchase of magazines that tell you the below images are what’s “sexy” “cool” “desired” “perfect” and so on. Write in to the editors of these magazines and let them know how you really feel!*cue crowd cheering music* Grab your pitch forks and torches and stand outside of their offices and let them know WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE….Well, maybe not that far, but you get what I’m saying.

hilaryMagCover JloSelfMagCover KimMagCov JustinBiebMagCover  MensHealth7d05b818f61e790bfabe063d90f524d8Kelly-Rowland-Covers-Shape-Magazine-October-2013-1mens-health-cover-2015

Women-you need bigger boobs, Dudes- you need tighter pecks that do that creepy up and down thing when you flex, smaller waist *refer to my Got Waist blog post*, get the rounded/perky butt, firm those disgustingly flabby arms, get rid of the jelly rolls on the sides of your stomach, and tone those cottage cheese thighs. It’s really annoying and I for one am tired of it. So seriously, the next time you see this sh*t in the magazine aisle…keep it moving. The next time it pops up on your tv…change the freaking channel. The next time you see it on your social media sites…just remember it’s not even REAL. There was an amazing video that hit youtube and thankfully went viral not too long ago, I encourage you all to watch it…

As mentioned, I am an aspiring model and actress. There have been numerous castings/auditions/meetings with agents that did not pan out the way I would of liked. I’ve been told that I am not tall enough, not thin enough, not big enough, skin is too dark, skin is too light, too curvy, not curvy enough, etc. Needless to say, you have to have a tough skin to be in this business, thankfully I have just that.


This is me. I stand at 5 feet 7 inches tall, 188 pounds, blissfully blessed bosom, 31-32 inch waist, no chiseled six pack abs, thighs for days, and arms that won’t put a body builder to shame. While I do want to tone up certain areas, for my own liking… guess what?! ::I LOVE ME:: and it is me who is going to keep pushing for this movement of self acceptance and love. Join me in this movement. Hashtag your beautiful selfies with the tag #iLoveMe and #NotSorryForThisBody. I can’t wait to see all your amazing photos! Let’s make this viral guys, I know we can do it!

Let’s be clear, I am not a proponent of obesity and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. I just want to pass the message of self love, healthy living and happiness. If you don’t feel totally happy and comfortable in the skin you’re in, then change it! Love yourself in every stage, because even at your goal weight/look, you will not be happy if you’re not happy from the start. Soooo, the next time you want to judge yourself against someone who is in the mags, just remember…not even they look like that.

So there media, we love ourselves and there’s nothing you can do to change it!