Introducing TheBlogery’s First Weekly Feature…

The Blogery is very happy to announce that we will be featuring amazing talent and small businesses every Monday! Let’s give a big cheer, applause and hoorah to TheBlogery’s first weekly feature… The beyond talented, beautiful, makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck, woman with the voice of a soulful angel…

::April Kry::


April Kry might be a new name to some, but the country singer’s talent is a far cry from ordinary. Honing her vocal skills since the tender age of five, April is ready to light up the music scene with her new single “Fireflies” and latest release “Daddy’s Little Girl”  that was written by Nick Jonas and his father Kevin Jonas Sr.

With humble beginnings in church, April continued performing and at the age of 13, she performed “God Bless America” at a gala event where the keynote speaker was legendary Jermaine Jackson. It was at this point where April decided upon her career goal: to be a professional singer.

Since then, April has performed at the legendary Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night, and appeared on national television as a background vocalist for new age singer Enya on Live With Regis & Kelly. Over the years, April learned to play guitar and discovered a newfound passion for songwriting. “My inspirations when it comes to songwriting are things that happen in everday life. I like to write about struggles or heartache that people go through because I believe that it’s something that we can all relate to.”

When I asked April for her mission statement, her response was simple, yet powerful…

“The reason I love music is that it brings people together. I truly believe that the lyric is the heart of a song, and without substance, you won’t make a lasting impression. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak, music is a universal language and if I can touch just one person with a melody or a lyric of mine, I’ve done my job as an artist.” –April Kry

It goes without saying that you will hear much, much more of April kry. I mean c’mon, with a voice like this, who wouldn’t want to!? To make your ears super happy, click here to purchase April’s latest release ::Daddy’s Little Girl::. For your viewing pleasure, watch April’s lyric vid!

::April Kry Official Website::

::Fabulous Photo Cred – Rae Marshall::

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Check in tomorrow for TheBlogery’s first Feature of the Week!

Tomorrow The Blogery will unveil a cool new addition to the site… *drumroll pleaseeeeeee* “Feature of the Week”

Get excited, this is going to be pretty epic.

::If you would like to be featured in upcoming “Feature of the Week” blog posts, please email 1 or 2 pretty pictures of you or your business, what it is you do/your business/talent, mission statement, website, any other related media you would like the world to see! Send submissions to , subject line: Feature of the Week. ::

Let’s work! Looking forward to featuring all you amazing peoples out there!



One World Observatory NYC …

Last week I was super touristy and visited the One World Observatory, located in NYC. *I’m familiar with New York City, but nonetheless felt like a tourist* It was a pretty cool experience and I would recommend anyone to go and visit. It makes for a cute little day trip. I don’t want to completely spoil it for anyone who intends on going, so I’ll only share a tad bit…

You start the “experience” at the ::One World Global Welcome Center:: as pictured below…


*Ooooooo, Ahhhhhh*… Next, you will make your way to ::Voices and Foundations:: which is a beautiful walk way that tells the personal stories of the men and women who built One World Trade Center…

Pretty cool right?!… Now time for the thrilling part! Taking the Sky Pod Elevator from the first floor to the 101’st floor in under 60 seconds. Sounds super death defying, scary, puke on your shirt, or sh*t in your pants type of stuff right?! Well that’s what this scared little chicken thought and thankfully, I was wrong…

While I was under the impression it would be just as horrible as The Tower Of Terror, it turned out to be a really cool virtual reality type of setting. You couldn’t even feel that you were moving. The only injuries I survived was slight ear popping … I’m such a tough cookie 😉

I also really liked the Sky Portal, where you can see “what’s below you” on the streets of NYC. *If you go, you’ll see why I used air quotes…

Next up…See Forever Theater. Here you will watch an exciting, two-minute video presentation that combines bird’s eye imagery, time-lapse shots with abstract textures and patterns to present the unique rhythm and pulse of New York City to dramatic life in 3D, *cue more Oooooo’s and Ahhhh’s*

After that we went to The Main Observatory…On the 100th floor of the Observatory, also known as the Discovery Level, experience expansive, 360-degree views in all directions, taking in the iconic sights, surrounding waters and panoramic views of the city and beyond. No matter how many times you’ve been to NYC, there’s something about seeing it from this view that is truly breath taking…


There was a cool station, See Forever Imaging, where you get to take your picture. If you can’t tell by now, I will not pass up a pose! They super impose a daytime and nighttime background to the photo you take. It makes for a super cute souvenir and was only 30 bucks for two hard copies and online access to the digital photos as well! *Me and My partner in crime photographed below* 🙂

IMG_9530 IMG_9531

So yeah, I would say the overall experience was cool. There was also a ::fancy schmancy:: restaurant called “ONE“. With a name like that, you know it has to be serious….A pretty over priced gift store and other “information stations” through out the Main Observatory. Got a day off, or just looking for something new and exciting to do with a loved one, family, date day/night or with friends…give it a go!

I would definitely recommend purchasing tickets online, as the line you have to wait in is pretty long if you do not purchase tickets in advanced. Click here to read more about The One World Observatory and purchase tickets.

If you have gone or plan on going, be sure to come back and leave a comment about your experience. I’d love to know what you thought!

Let’s Get Dirty With ::Frank:: …

Today I am going to bless you with a little gem that I stumbled upon about 7 months ago while Instagram binging. It’s a great, natural product called “FRANK.” FRANK, is an all natural coffee body scrub that gently exfoliates the entire body, leaving you with seriously soft skin. I promise it will feel like a baby’s bottom.


FRANK is also great for lightening/removing post acne scarring, rosacea, dark spots, uneven skin tone, pesky pimples, stretch marks, ingrown hairs, and nourishing extremely dry skin. My skin is super weird, I have extremely oily skin on my face and dry skin on every other part of my body. FRANK is great for making my skin feel like velvet, seriously! I use it about 3-5 times a week (as prescribed by Dr. FRANK.) It has also helped lighten or completely remove acne marks or other dark spots on my skin *let the skin gods rejoice* I have used countless body scrubs, and this by far is my all time fav!


Another awesome thing about FRANK is that they offer free shipping, yes I said FREE SHIPPING to anyone who orders in the USA! Yay, America! It’s also pretty inexpensive (14 bucks per package) and lasts a long time! They come in 3 tasty selections…

  • Original – smells just like a yummy cup of coffee
  • Coconut- It’s like a beach holiday, minus the sand in your pants
  • Peppermint- Just like Christmas candy canes all year round

FRANK has also recently released their full line of cleansers, body lotions, facial lotions and other amazing goodies that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Give it a try and I can guarantee you will fall in love too. Time to get naked and dirty with FRANK.


Click here for the FRANK goods

5 Ways To Wake Up & Instantly Feel Like A Boss…

If you’re anything like myself and can’t stomach the thought of waking up any earlier than 12 pm (joking, at least 11 am) then it is probably one of hardest things to wake up for work or anything else really. Most people wake up looking like Patrick from Spongebob (a big blob-like character,shame on you for not knowing.) You may feel groggy, disinterested in going to work, and rather be doing ANYTHING else on the planet besides getting ready for work. Have no fear, The Blogery is here! Here are some helpful hints to put a pep in your step… enjoy!

::Step One::

Get out of bed. I know this sounds simple, but as I just mentioned this is actually very hard for some people! Work with us here, we really are trying. Once your feet have touched the floor move on to step two

::Step Two::

While brushing your teeth, (or hopefully brushing your teeth) start thinking positive thoughts. Pending on how much you like your job, mmmm this can be kind of tricky at times. Try to envision a great day! See yourself getting alot accomplished, completing those files that have accumulated on your desk, be the top salesperson, deliver an amazing pitch to your boss and other important higher-ups, throw that newspaper directly on someone’s yard, hand someone their coffee with a smile, etc. I think you get what I’m saying, once you start to do this it will become habit. Much easier said than done, but you got this!

::Step Three::

Incorporate morning meditation, stretching, exercise… something to get your blood going and some energy into those bones! We’ll call it morning movement, as anything is progress right? So put on some soothing music, roll out the yoga mat, or dust off those old running shoes. This is a must according to people who are very successful. They swear by waking up at least an hour earlier than you should and doing the above mentioned. Let’s all try this to be a little bit more “boss-y” 😉

Click here for 10 quick morning exercises

::Step Four::

Make a healthy breakfast! If you’re also like me when it comes to cooking, then you know this just probably ain’t happenin’ and you’ll probably want to pay attention in just a few sentences. For those of you who cook and/or have the time to, make something yummy! Your body will thank you and it will be the fuel you need to wake up! Just downing some coffee won’t cut it and it’s not the healthiest thing to skip out on breakfy. All you non cookers, now you can tune back in. Make a delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie! They taste great and believe it or not, keep you full. Add some protien powder to really step it up a notch! Get creative and make a different smoothie for every day of the week.

Click here for super yummy, quick, healthy, creative smoothie ideas

::Step Five:

Remember, that while Jesus (or whomever you believe in) loves you dearly and doesn’t care what you look like… the world DOES! Please remember this… and I’m not just saying this because I carry the “vein gene”, but because your physical appearance does mean alot! They say first impressions are everything and it’s true. Like it or not, we live in a society where looks mean just about everything and you will be judged accordingly. So please, take the extra time to get it together and look in the mirror before you head out. I mean really, who is most likely going to be taken into consideration for a very high position/high paying job…

Dressed_for_success_-_Asian_man shutterstock_3427277

This is not only for your professional life, but in your personal life. When you look good and put together, trust me… you will feel like a boss. Because hey, not even Queen Beyonce woke up like this…


::No shade Bey, just sayin’::

So while this may not be as instant as coffee, with practice you too can make yourself feel like a boss and eventually become one! Think it, believe it, and make it come true in the physical realm. If you are happy being someone else’s employee, then be the best damn employee you can be! If you hate it (like me) then get a game plan together and make it happen (as my dad always says.) Dream big and never let anyone tell you NO. No one gets to tell a boss no 😉